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Frequently Asked Questsions

1. Why only Royal Enfields are serviced at TGT?

A: TGT was founded with only one goal - to provide the best service for Royal Enfields. There are many good service centers for bikes of other brands but the lack of good service centers for Enfields is what triggered the formation of TopGear Thumpers. Why other motorcycles aren't serviced at TGT is because, the exclusivity ensures we do not mix bullet mechanics and spares with other bike mechanics and spares. Only mechanics trained in Royal Enfields work on your motorcycle at TGT and only original RE parts are used in case of replacement.


2. Are only UCE Enfields are serviced at TGT?

A: Yes. We service only UCE Enfields. The reasons are two-fold. Firstly, unavailability of all the parts for the older models. Since the phenomenal rise in sales of UCE bullets, Royal Enfield has stopped selling the spares of retired models except for few fast moving parts. We do not want to be shopping for the after-market parts for the vehicles serviced in our workshop. Secondly, there are a lot of good mechanics in Bengaluru who are doing a great job with older Enfields.


3. How long does it take to do a general service on my UCE Enfield?

A: If the motorcycle is received at our workshop before 10.30 am and if we aren't occupied for the day, your motorcycle will be ready for delivery by the end of the day.


4. How long does it take if my motorcycle needs a part replacement?

A: No extra time is required as we stock all the necessary spare parts of all UCE models.


5. From where does TGT get the spare parts? How to know if they are genuine?

A: At TGT, we procure spares directly from Royal Enfield through their official distributors. Every spare part carries RE Genuine spare part sticker on it. Our customers are welcome to check and validate this on the parts used on their motorcycles.


6. Can I be present at the workshop when my Enfield is serviced?

A: We not only invite but encourage our customers to be present while we service your motorcycle. Knowing the basics of your motorcycles always helps in emergency situations both in the city and during long rides.


7. Which engine oil is better for my UCE bullet, Motul or Liquid Gun?

A: There is no big difference between the two. As long as the engine oil used is of the grade 15W50, it works just as expected. For the convenience of customers, we keep both Motul 15W50 3100 mineral and RE Liquid Gun in stock. However, usage of semi-synthetic and synthetic oils in place of mineral oils improves the engine performance and smoothness to some extent, which are also available at our workshop.

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